Hot/cold backups for Clarity on a lower environment
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Hot/cold backups for Clarity on a lower environment


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Is it possible to use a hot backup for Clarity on a lower environment? Planning to export a copy of Production database with services still running for import later into a lower environment


Release: All Supported Clarity releases


  • Cold backup is a database backup taken with Clarity services stopped. Usually this happens during maintenance hours on weekends.
  • Hot backup is taken with app services running and users connected
  • There is a chance that some of the data is modified in the meantime, which could lead to different mismatches (including sequences mismatch, unable to export/import tables etc).
  • Broadcom Support does not support hot backups for upgrade. 
  • For all activities other than disaster recovery a cold backup should be used. This includes migrating environments, upgrading, changing hardware etc.
  • Best practice is to get a recurrent cold backup during maintenance downtime and use it for restore to lower environments