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What are the commands necessary for SUDOers to install robots using the ADE (automated deployment engine) probe?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In some environments, customers may need to use a "sudo" user to deploy robots using the Automated Deployment Engine when root access is not available.

Most of the time, allowing a user to sudo to "root" level access is sufficient but in some environments, this is not permitted, and a whitelist of commands must be added to the SUDOers file to specify which commands the sudo user can execute.

This is outlined in the product documentation for Solaris but not for Linux and AIX.  This document contains the necessary information for those operating systems.

What commands are necessary to add to the SUDOers file for Linux and AIX environments?



Linux (RedHat, SUSE, CentOS) or AIX (Any version)


The following commands are common for both Linux and AIX installations:

•(root|sudo) /bin/mv /tmp/*.cfg /tmp/nms-robot-vars.cfg

•(root|sudo) /bin/rm /opt/nms-robot-vars.cfg

•(root|sudo) /bin/rm /opt/nms-robot-vars*.txt


For Linux (RedHat, SUSE, Centos) the additional commands are:


•(root|sudo) /usr/bin/rpm –ivh /tmp/nimsoft-robot.x86_64.rpm

•(root|sudo) /usr/bin/bash /opt/nimsoft/install/

•(root|sudo) /bin/rm /tmp/nimsoft-robot.x86_64.rpm

•(root|sudo) /etc/init.d/nimbus


The commands for AIX are as follows:

•(root|sudo) getconf KERNEL_BITMODE

•(root|sudo) getconf HARDWARE_BITMODE

•(root|sudo) /bin/sh /opt/nimsoft/install/

•(root|sudo) /bin/sh /bin/startsrc –s nimbus

•(root|sudo) /bin/sh /bin/stopsrc –s nimbus

•(root|sudo) /bin/sh /opt/nimsoft/install/

•(root|sudo) /usr/bin/rpm –ivh nimsoft-robot.aix6.1.ppc64.rpm