What happens to the CA Roscoe ACCT files when running the ACCTDUMP reports?


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What happens to the CA Roscoe ACCT file when running the ACCTDUMP reports? Do I need to clear these files manually or with a separate utility? 


Component: ROSCOE


The CA Roscoe ACCTDUMP program will copy the data to the DD OUTPUT1. If this process completes normally, then the ACCT files will be automatically cleared of all data so further collection can take place. No manual activity is required and no separate utility is required.


For a detailed description of the ACCTDUMP utility please see the CA Roscoe Programs and Utilities Guide chapter 2. This chapter discusses each DD statement and its purpose as well as the functionality of the ACCTDUMP utility.

Additional Information

CA Roscoe Programs and Utility Guide Chapter 2 discusses the ACCTDUMP utility