How can we install a new robot version standalone?
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How can we install a new robot version standalone?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


We do not have the opportunity to use the automated_deployment_engine to deploy robots. So we need to know:

How to get the standalone installers for the robots?

How can we get the standalone installers for the robots ?


  • UIM 8.51 or higher
  • robot 7.91 or higher


The steps to access the standalone installers are as follows:

1. In IM or Admin Console, go to the package Archive and download the required robot package or via browser download it from and Import it into the Archive.

2. Deploy this package *to your primary hub.* This is regardless of the Primary Hub's own OS.

The result of deploying the robot package to the Primary hub is that it will update the native installers which are located on the Primary hub and which are used by ADE.

If you have the ADE probe on any other hubs, deploy the robot package to those hubs as well. This will enable those ADE probes to use the robot installer.

If you need to access the native installers directly, they will now be located on the Primary Hub in the Nimsoft root folder under \Nimsoft\Install\Setup, which is the same location the ADE probe retrieves the installers from. Deploying the robot package puts the new installers into this location, overwriting previous versions.

This also updates the http://<primary_hub>/uimhome webpage which contains links to the installers as well.

You can move the installer for your respective OS and run it locally. On Windows just execute the nimsoft-robot*.exe.

On Unix platforms use the nimldr utility.

Note: On any Robot Update, it will automatically restart the controller probe, so ALL probes on that robot will be restarted.

Additional Information

This shows the content of the Nimsoft\install\setup as an example.

Directory of C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\install\setup

05/19/2017  02:13 AM    <DIR>          .
05/19/2017  02:13 AM    <DIR>          ..
05/18/2017  10:28 AM    <DIR>          as400
02/23/2017  10:31 AM        39,661,400 NimBUS Infrastructure.exe
02/23/2017  10:31 AM        93,023,784 NimBUS Manager.exe
02/23/2017  10:31 AM        25,709,720 NimBUS Robot.exe
05/18/2017  10:39 AM         6,961,488 nimsoft-robot+debian_amd64.deb
05/18/2017  10:39 AM         6,273,724 nimsoft-robot+debian_i386.deb
05/18/2017  10:39 AM         6,960,468 nimsoft-robot+ubuntu_amd64.deb
05/18/2017  10:39 AM         6,273,152 nimsoft-robot+ubuntu_i386.deb
05/18/2017  10:40 AM         7,506,565 nimsoft-robot-amd64.gz
05/18/2017  10:40 AM         9,112,287 nimsoft-robot-hppa-11.31.depot.gz
05/18/2017  10:40 AM         6,668,366 nimsoft-robot-i386.gz
05/18/2017  10:40 AM        11,698,363 nimsoft-robot-ia64-11.31.depot.gz
05/18/2017  10:40 AM         8,809,238 nimsoft-robot-sparcv9.gz
05/18/2017  10:40 AM        14,354,000 nimsoft-robot-x64.exe
05/18/2017  10:39 AM         8,270,607 nimsoft-robot.aix6.1.ppc64.rpm
05/18/2017  10:40 AM        13,649,144 nimsoft-robot.exe
05/18/2017  10:40 AM         6,029,630 nimsoft-robot.i386.rpm
05/18/2017  10:40 AM         6,804,212 nimsoft-robot.s390x.rpm
05/18/2017  10:40 AM         6,784,395 nimsoft-robot.x86_64.rpm
03/17/2015  08:00 PM         3,768,192 soapsdk.exe
03/17/2015  08:00 PM         2,916,352 SOAPTK3runtime.msi
05/18/2017  10:28 AM    <DIR>          unix
05/18/2017  10:28 AM    <DIR>          win
03/17/2015  08:00 PM         2,585,872 WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe