Extract emails not being sent post upgrade in Clarity
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Extract emails not being sent post upgrade in Clarity


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You are receiving notifications on the success of a job. However, you no longer are receiving the emails that had been following that contained the files extracted. These notifications come from an extractor distribution list where you have resources added to the notifications, as well as one Clarity access group. The process is set up correctly that uses Gel.


Release : 15.6.1


This can happen if any user has an invalid email address in Clarity in the group or resource distribution lists. To verify if this is the cause, check the bg-ca.logs. If this is the issue, something similar to the below will show:

WARN  2020-02-04 05:15:02,482 [Custom script execution pool-8-thread-13] jexl.JexlExpression (clarity:admin:...:none) Caught exception evaluating: transport.send(message). Reason: javax.mail.SendFailedException: Invalid Addresses;  nested exception is: com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPAddressFailedException: ... <xxx@<domain>.com>... Mailbox disabled for this recipient


To verify if the Group(s) listed in the distribution list have an invalid email address:

  1. In Clarity  go to Administration->Groups
  2. Click on the group associated with the notification
  3. Click on the Resources tab
  4. If user IDs are set based on an email address, you can check for any invalid email addresses there. If not, take a screenshot of the resources listed and then check in Administration->Resources for any users with an invalid email.
  5. Once the problematic resources are identified, if they don't belong in the group, remove them or correct their email address to a valid email address

Verify anyone listed in the Resources section of the notifications have a valid email address:

  1. To verify a users email address, go to Administration->Resources
  2. Click on the Resource and verify the email address listed is correct

You can also search for any users with the invalid email address found in the bg-ca.logs from Home->Resources and filter on any users with that email address, then check to see if they are part of the Group or one of the Resources listed for the notification.