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Why are we are using CA SymDump CICS in a region and receiving CAIN5340 messages?


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SymDump for CICS SymDump Batch


Why are we are using CA SymDump CICS in a region and receiving CAIN5340 messages?

Received these messages in a production CICS region that only runs CA SymDump CICS.  I've never seen them before.


TNADDR L116,CSNE,11:47:07, 3315 

CAIN5340 04/03/2017 11:47:11 - CCI API NON-ZERO RCD FOR PROGRAM: IN69DATE 

CAIN5340 04/03/2017 11:47:11 - CCI CALL: INIT 

CAIN5340 04/03/2017 11:47:11 - FDBVDESC: 

CAIN5340 04/03/2017 11:47:11 - FDBVOID : 

CAIN5340 04/03/2017 11:47:11 - FDBVDID : 

CAIN5340 04/03/2017 11:47:11 - FDBVRC : 0000000 

CAIN5340 04/03/2017 11:47:11-FDBVXRC :00000000 

CAIN5340 04/03/2017 11:47:11 - FDBVBUFL: 00000000 

A few seconds later there was an abend created. 

L345ECAH 20170403114714 CEE3250C The system or user abend ATND was issued. 

L345ECAH 20170403114714 From compile unit EC11600P at entry point EC11600P at compile unit offset +0000557E at entry offset +0000557E at address 

L345ECAH 20170403114714 224D559E.


Release: SYMDBA00200-9.1-SymDump-Batch


For this case we found the client did not have Trace Format Regions (TFR) running on any of the LPARs, so this is certainly why they were getting those CAIN5340 messages.

So, a starting point is to find out what is done so far:

In the Install Guide for CA SymDump CICS 9.1, is "Define and Schedule the Trace Format Region Job". Please review and see if you are missing any pieces, like the CCI network for example.

There are some "Performance Considerations" in the Install Guide, but we aren't seeing TFR startup errors or performance problems. But it's there for fine tuning if need be.

IN25OPTS TFR options can be found in the Install Guide. "TRCFFMID=SYMDTRCF/8 character unique id" is a very important one to have valued correctly.