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when submitting jcl through FTP I get error message EDC5164I SAF/RACF error. errno2=0B490814 What does this mean?


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When I submit jcl through the ftp server i get error message  

GETPWNAM() failed -EDC5164I SAF/RACF Errno2=08490814

What does this mean? 


Release: ACF2..001AO-16-ACF2


The Errno2 value in the second half of the word is the return code and reason code from a getpwnam() callable service request.

0814 - return code 8  - reason code x'14' which is decimal 20.

In  UNIX System Services Programming: Assembler Callable Services Reference
the following reasons are given for this callable service..

RACF Return     RACF Reason  Explanation
Code                Code

8                     0                   No profile found.
8                     4                   If the search is by GID: The GID is not defined.
                                            If the search is by group name: The current group is not defined.
8                     8                   The group name is not defined.
8                     12                 There was an internal error during RACF processing.
8                     16                 Recovery could not be established.
8                     20                The current group is incompletely defined.

Additional Information

When a group is incompletely defined, it means that there is a GROUP defined in the logonid record for the LOGONID,
but there is no OMVS GROUP PROFILE record defined that contains a GID.


To create a group profile record


INSERT groupname GID(nnn)

where nnn is the GID you want to associate with this group name.