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What are the Supported Browsers and OS information for 3-D Secure?


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CA Payment Security is administered via Admin consoles. This document lists the browsers which are supported by CA Transaction Manager. 

What are the supported browsers for CA Transaction Manager Admin Consoles?


Production / CA Payment Security


Supported Browsers

The following browsers are supported by the Administration Console (for administrators) and the CAP (Client Authentication Page) pages (for cardholders):

•Internet Explorer 8.0 and later

•Mozilla Firefox 26.0 and later

•Apple Safari 5 and later

•Google Chrome 31 and later


Supported Operating Systems

3-D Secure Administration Console (for administrators) and the CAP pages (for cardholders) are expected to work on all the operating system above-mentioned list of supported browsers. 

A few points to check with the cardholder in scenarios where the user is not able to see the authentication page while performing a 3-D Secure transaction. 

1) Please check with the cardholder if the JavaScript is disabled in cardholder browser. In some cases, an alert message would also be displayed notifying the cardholder that if JavaScript is disabled some of the buttons will not work. 

In case the JavaScript was found disabled during the time of transaction, could you please request that this be enabled and checked again. 

In order to be able to check whether JavaScript is enabled or not, you would need to go to the below options in IE (Internet Explorer) which would be 

Tools>>Internet Options>>Security>>Custom Level>> Active Scripting 

In order to be able to check if the Java Script is enabled or not you would need to go to the below options in Google Chrome

Open a window in Google Chrome>>At the top right, click More Settings>>At the bottom, click Show advanced settings>>In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings>>Select Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended) in the "JavaScript" section>>Click Done.

2) Adblock is a third-party content filtering and ad blocking extension which could cause problems in cardholder’s ability to view the authentication page properly. Our recommendation would be to disable any such blockers that essentially blocks the Authentication page to load.

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