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IDEAL Programs not using keys, monitor the creation of temporary indexes


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As part of a proposed review I would like to carry out an investigation to see if the correct usage of Datacom keys is being adhered to in our IDEAL software. We suspect that there may be cases where keys are not being used correctly and/or temporary indexes are being created. 

How can I monitor this issue in real time and after the fact in order to build a business case for a request for a maintenance project?


Look at the Datacom Accounting tables, specifically the CBSOR reasons.

Ideal support can also help how to interpret the CBSOR field. 

You will probably want to mainly run this all the time in your testing environments and only turn it on, when you suspect a problem in production. 

The accounting tables can be turned on or off, dynamically, once the table is defined to your Datacom Multi-user start up parms.

Additional Information

See Interpreting CBSOR Values and  Monitoring Through Statistics and Diagnostics Area Reports