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Using CA 1 canned (provided) CA EARL reports. What jobs are used by CA 1 that require CA EARL?


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CA 1 provides some standard reports that are written in CA EARL. What CA 1 modules does CA EARL use for these reports?

Using CA 1 canned (provided) CA EARL reports. What jobs is CA EARL actually required for within CA 1?


Release: EARL..00200-6.1-Earl


The CA 1 jobs that use EARL are:

vault management

The program name of EARL is a driver program that makes calls to other components that use other services within CA EARL. The program EARLVSM is actually the only program that is used to start the process. When you start using CA 1 reports it is really CA 1 handling all the work. CA EARL is a report generator.

When one of the programs calls and CA EARL service then program EARLVSM is the processor and the program EARL is the driver.
In addition, there are two version of CA EARL.
1) Release 6.1 of CA EARL that is provided by Common Services is a free common component that is fully capable
   supporting CA 1 and CA TLMS provided standard reports.
2) The full release of CA EARL 6.1 will perform all the same functions but is also a larger product and
    purchased separately. It has many additional capabilities and features.