Does CA Have any Recommendations for Freeing up Disk Space on an OPMS?
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Does CA Have any Recommendations for Freeing up Disk Space on an OPMS?


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


     The CA ASM On Premise Monitoring Station (OPMS) allows users to monitor resources not accessible from external networks.

     The server running my OPMS instance is running low on disk space. Does CA have any recommendations for freeing up disk space on an OPMS?


Release: APMCMB99000-8.3-App Synthetic Monitor-Basic Option


     An OPMS primarily consumes disk space in /var (specifically /var/log), /opt/asm/var/www/assets and, /tmp. The files in /var should be manually removed on a periodic basis. The files in /opt/asm/var/www/assets and /tmp, are purged regularly by cron jobs started when the OPMS is installed.

Focusing on /var specifically. ASM logging should be kept in the following directories...

 It is safe to delete any log file not currently being written to. For example, if /var/log/optunnel contains....
optunnel-client.log.x is safe to delete everything but the optunnel-client.log.0 log.


 As for /opt/asm/var/www/assets and /tmp. In OPMS versions below 8.5, there are known issues in which assets are not correctly deleted from /opt/asm/var/www/assets. In this case, it is safe to delete any file older than 2 weeks in both locations (please note these files will be in sub directories such as tmp/rbtm1/opt/asm/var/www/assets/). In this case, /tmp serves as temporary storage for the assets and /opt/asm/var/www/assets is permanent storage until the data is removed (normally by a cron job).

 Finally, the command "apt-get clean" on Debian or "yum clean packages" on RHEL/ CentOS can be run post OPMS install. These commands remove all packages from the local cache directory, freeing disk space. However, these packages will re-download if needed to install a program in the future.

Additional Information

     For more information regarding the OPMS, refer to our documentation: As always, contact CA Support for further questions.