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CA Panexec z/OS 2.2 compatibility


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CA Panexec z/OS 2.2 compatibility.

Is CA Panexec compatible with z/OS 2.2 ?


z/OS 2.2 running with CA Panexec R5.3.


z/OS 2.2 is supported with CA Panexec R5.3 SP1 and SP2 with the following PTFs applied.
That is the same requirement as for z/OS 2.1 and 2.2.

Release  SP/Gen Level  Requirements Users:
5.3      SP2/0609      RO63249 for ALL user
                       RO57397 for XLLA user

5.3      SP1/9606      RO57674 for XLLA user
                       RO55144 for ALL user
                       RO24076 for ALL user
                       QO48784 for ALL user
                       QO48783 for ALL user

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z/OS Compatibility Matrix