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Where is the smobjexport command gone ?


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  I'm running a Policy Server and I don't find the smobjexport command in the bin repository.
  Where can I find it ?


Policy Server 12.52SP1;


  There's no smobjexport command anymore even if you can see the
  smobjimport one. The reason is that this export functionality has been
  ported to the XPS Tools. So in order to get a full backup of your
  Policy Store data and Policy Server settings, you need to run command
  : XPSExport with the switch -xb.

  Note that this export will be usable only for the current Policy
  Server. If you need only the Policy Store data, you need to run
  XPSExport with -xp switch. Just run XPSExport command to have the full

  More by running XPSExport you need to use the -xp to only export the
  policies objects. The -xb will export all the Policy Server
  configuration including the registry settings which will break an
  external Admin Store if you have it.

  So the best way to have the Domain / Realm / Policies etc in a file is
  to use the -xp switch.