Service Desk 17.2 - I was using a newer version of Java or Tomcat in a previous version but it reverted after upgrade


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When we upgraded from 14.1 to 17.2 the upgrade reverted our tomcat references from 8.5.16 we were using to 8.5.6 and our references for JRE from 1.7.0_10 to 11.0.3.  I noticed with this in the pdm_tomcat log file that it was complaining about syntax in the server.xml file that was always there in 14 and worked fine. Can we still use 8.5.16 and with JRE 11.0.3 ?



Release : 17.2



You can configure the service desk 17.2 to use 8.5.16  or any tomcat 8.5 based version. It doesn't  have much to do with the java version  that service desk is using here .

You  can still follow the Service Desk 14.1 documentation to configure service desk 17.2 to use tomcat 8.5.16

The steps to configure Service Desk to use the higher version of tomcat  (any tomcat 8.5 based version )  are the same for SD 14.1 or 17.0 or 17.1 or 17.2.