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When was IGZCXCC first statically linked into the CA GEN batch, IMS, and TSO programs?


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Batch, IMS and TSO applications containing CMP modules may fail to execute successfully.

PTF RO93797 has the following fix:

The version of TIRLGLOD used to call Compatibility (CMP) modules in

 Batch, IMS and TSO applications (TIRLILOD) contains a static call to

 IGZCXCC.  This can cause upward compatibility problems when moving

 from one release of Language Environment (LE) to another.  Problems

 have been reported in applications that contain a mixture of LE 2.1

 and earlier LE releases.

When was the IGZCXCC module first statically linked into the CA GEN batch, IMS, and TSO programs? 


Release: KGNDDL99000-8.5-Gen-DBP Developer License


The problem/concern was originally reported with CA GEN 8.5, and the problem was introduced when the newer releases of z/OS were involved (2.1/2.2). 

The module TIRLGLOD was originally statically linked since CA GEN 7.6. 

This module was then divided into two modules starting in release 8.0: TIRLILOD (IMS) & TIRLCLOD (CICS).