How to Modify the Dashboard Tabs in Service Catalog
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How to Modify the Dashboard Tabs in Service Catalog


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CA Service Catalog


This document will provide steps for how to modify which tabs appear for a specific user role and how to change the order they appear in Service Catalog

For this document, we will use the End User role as an example


Service Catalog 17.3 and higher


We STRONGLY recommend you take a backup of all servers and databases before trying these steps

The display sequence information about it is stored  in usm_link_launchpad_launchpad  in MDB database.    

You do the following update to  swap the "requests" tab  and "dashboards" tab: 


update usm_link_launchpad_launchpad set link_order=1 where launchpad_parent_id='my_workplace' and launchpad_id='my_requestscatalog'

update usm_link_launchpad_launchpad set link_order=6 where launchpad_parent_id='my_workplace' and launchpad_id='my_dashboards'

Recycle catalog service to have the change take effect . 


These steps should allow you to remove the unnecessary tabs:

AA: Start and login to EEM:
1. From within the browser, start the EEM login 
2. For "application", select "Service Catalog"
3. Enter the eiamadmin userid and password to login
4. After you login, go to "Manage Access Policies"
5. Click on "Launchpad" in the left hand navaigation section
>> You'll see the way, the interface is built for a role.

BB: Find the correct ACL:
1. You scroll down and search/look for the ACL "ACL_113_Launchpads" (Full access for enduser).
>> At the right hand side, under 'Resources', you can see the options, granted to an enduser.

Where "launchpad__my_dashboards" listed above is why the "End User" role can see the dashboard tab, when the users with "End User" role login to the Catalog UI.
If you want to remove the dashboard tab for "End User" role, you can simply remove launchpad__my_dashboards from ACL_113_Launchpads.

CC: Remove a resource from the ACL:
1. To remove a resource:
2. Open (click on) "ACL_113_Launchpads"
3. Scroll down to Access Policy Configuration, Resources:
4. In the showed list, select "launchpad__my_dashboards" and hit the trash-can(delete) icon
5. Save and Close the policy
6. Then recycle the EEM services and the Catalog service.

DD: Add a resource to the ACL:
1. Should you want to (re)add the resource:
2. Scroll down to Access Policy Configuration, Resources
3. Enter the text launchpad__my_dashboards in the "Add resource" field
4. Hit the "+" icon
5. Save and Close the policy
6. Then recycle the EEM services and the Catalog service.

Additional Information

Note: when you modify Catalog application related "Manage Access Policies" information in EEM UI, you need to do it very carefully.

We suggest you, to take a snapshot of your EEM server or at least make a backup of your Catalog application's registration in EEM UI via the command "ant  backup-eem-app" on the EEM server, just in case.

The command needs to be executed from within the Catalog-Command-Prompt.