Will the NASTv13.exe tool still work for NFA 9.3.6 version?
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Will the NASTv13.exe tool still work for NFA 9.3.6 version?


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)



We use the tool NASTv13.exe with RA and older versions of NFA to check if we are getting flow at times.

Will the NASTv13.exe tool still work for NFA 9.3.x version?


Windows 2008, 2k8, 2012, NFA all versions


The NAST tool is not actually an officially supported tool maintained by our developers, although some of the functionality
like the flow counts have been built into the UI of NFA 9.3.2. The NAST tool was made for earlier versions of NFA and
unfortunately this tool no longer available for NFA 9.3.2 or later.

If you are running NFA 9.3.2 or later, you can view a report on your netflow under the "Flow Statistics" page in the NFA Administration GUI:



Here's how to run the old nastv13.exe utility on NFA 9.3+:
-Copy nastv13.exe to a new directory.
-Go to the nfa\netflow\datafiles\harvesterarchive\ directory and copy the 5 newest *.NFA files into the directory that contains NASTv13.exe
-Run "nastv13.exe" as Administrator, and press "e" (for "external") when it prompts you to enter a number of minutes.

NASTv13 will read the netflow data out of the 5 .NFA files that you copied. Each .NFA file represents 1 minute, so this report will show you the netflow amounts that have been received in the last 5 minutes.

Do you see the interface that you are trying to add? If you multiply the netflow amounts by 3, that will give you an idea of how much netflow you would receive in 15 minutes. If this is less than 50KB, there might not be enough netflow to license the interface.