How to read PasswdSvcUserAtt value in the user attribute
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How to read PasswdSvcUserAtt value in the user attribute


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When Siteminder password policies are used to change user password in case when the authentication scheme is custom Arcot authentication scheme in that case in the adaptershim.ini file the PasswdSvcUserAtt parameter needs to be set to a user directory attribute that is readable and writeable by Webfort and is not being used by any other application. 

What does Arcot save in the attribute that is set for PasswdSvcUserAtt in the adaptershim.ini and how can that attribute value be translated so that it can be read by humans. 


Any webfort, siteminder on any OS


The value that is seen in the attribute for PasswdSvcUserAtt is epoch value and is a time stamp when the password was changed. Which means value is epoch and you can convert it on any time that can be read by humans. There are online converters that you can use. 

For example epoch to GMT for 1493052427 is translated to Mon, 24 Apr 2017 16:47:07 GMT