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Using the Shared Disk facility to share the TMC and Audit files


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VM:Tape for z/VM


I just got another VM system and another copy of VM:Tape. I want to use the Shared Disk facility to share the TMC and Audit files. Should I use the same VM:Tape user ID on both systems?


Release: VMTAPE55400-2-VM:Tape


If you have a common set of user IDs for both systems, use different user IDs for the VM:Tape virtual machines. This way, you can distinguish tapes created on each system because the CSTEP fields will be different. If you use the VMTAPE configuration file record, you can make the two systems function logically as one system. One limitation you should be aware of is that the Pointer file is not shared between multiple systems. If you mount a scratch tape on VM1, you cannot list the tape or mount it by DSN on VM2 until a refresh is done.