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Upgrading from CTS 5.1 to 5.2?


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Datacom DATACOM - AD


Customer is preparing a CICS upgrade from CTS 5.1 to CTS 5.2.

Note that the following is valid for other CTS upgrade.

I would like to know about any existing CA document explaining what needs to be done. 


Z/os 2.1, DB 14.0, DBC 14.0, Ideal 14.0, IPC 14.0


All is outlined in IPC APAR #RO69663 as mentioned in informational APAR #RI70732 , it delivers: 

- New VPEHJE69 in load module format for CTS 5.2 (Linked during SMP/E APPLY) 

- It updates CA IPC Profile and Transaction definitions and IPC program definitions via: 


So new CSD definitions will have to be incorporated into your CICS (asm/linked with CTS 5.2 libraries). 

This will be enough for DQ, DD and Ideal to support CTS 5.2. 


APAR #RI70732 can be seen here:

APAR #RO69663 can be seen here:


This Knowledge document does not talked about Transparency product like DL1/T or VSAM/T...Please consult CA Support if needed.

Additional Information

Standard customized macros like DQOPTLST, DDSYSTBL, SC00OPTS ...etc are CICS independent. 

It can be seen in:

*.INSTJCL(BDCUSNEW) job Datacom. 

or *.INSTJCL(ILCUS01) for Ideal,

or *.INSTJCL(VQCUS01) for IPC. 


Only CICS module dependent is Dataquery module DQDECPR. (see BDCUSNEW).

DQDECPR contains command level CICS so module needs to be re-asm/linked with new CICS/TS libraries.