Subscribing to Broadcom product notifications and alerts
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Subscribing to Broadcom product notifications and alerts


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Support Portal


Learn how to subscribe for product notifications and alerts on the Broadcom support portal, including:

  • Critical Alerts - High impact and/or pervasive software problems that are critical to the operation of the product, which have a major impact on our customer's environment, or that may negatively impact a large number of our customers.
  • Product Advisories - Moderate or low impact and/or non-pervasive software problems that have been determined to affect the operation of the product in one or more of our customer's environments.
  • Release Announcements - Product lifecycle notices (GA, EOL, EOS, compatibility matrix, feature releases)
  • Security Advisories - Potential security risks, vulnerabilities, and available remediation's.


  1. Log in to
  2. Click the ‘bell’ icon to launch the Notifications flyout page

  3. Click on the ‘gear’ icon to launch your Notification settings OR  click on your name dropdown on the top right side of the page and go to Notification settings to manage your preferences

  4. On the Notifications page, select the products that you would like to receive notifications for. You can also toggle the top row under each area to receive notifications for all of your entitled products. Preferences are automatically saved

    Once it is updated, you will start getting notifications. 

Additional Information

If you need any assistance with licenses, please contact Broadcom Customer Care by initiating a live chat on the Support Portal, or create a new case.