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The following information was sent to me for clearing OSGI cache.

How to clear the OSGI cache?

On Server side (Introscope EM, Webview, TeamCenter, Webstart workstation)

1. Stop the Introscope Enterprise Manager

2. Go to <em install dir>/product/enterprisemanager/configuration/' folder, delete all folders except the config.ini 

3. Go to <em install dir>/product/webview/configuration/' folder, delete all folders except the config.ini 

4. go to <EM_HOME>/work - remove all files 

5. Start the Intrsocope Enterpriese Manager

NOTE: If you are using a cluster environment, you need to apply this recommendation in all the Introscope EMs (MOM and collectors)

On the Client side:

If you are using workstation standalone version (.exe) 

Go to <workstation install dir>/product/workstation/configuration/' folder, delete all folders except the config.ini



My question is do I perform all of what's listed above on the MOM, Webview and all my collectors?








Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents


Clear cache on all components mentioned in KB. Generally best to bring down the cluster to avoid agent load balancing issues.

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