Sync a project to existing Initiative in Rally
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Sync a project to existing Initiative in Rally


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How do you sync a Clarity project to an existing Initiative (or other Portfolio Item type) in Rally? You have an existing initiative/capability/portfolio item you want to sync to your project in Clarity. Currently, when you run the Agile Central/Rally Sync job, it's creating your project as a new initiative in Rally. You're not able to select which portfolio item or project in Rally you want to connect to from your project in Clarity.


Release : All Supported Releases

Component : Clarity / Rally (Agile Central) Integration


Update the Portfolio Item External ID attribute in Clarity with the CA Agile Central portfolio item object ID. This field can be added to the Agile Summary subpage and/or the project list view in Clarity.

Note in earlier versions of Clarity such as 15.3, 15.4, 15.4.1, the field name is Initiative external ID.

To add/edit this field from the Clarity project list view:

  1. In Clarity, go to Home->Projects
  2. Click the Options gear icon on the right-hand side, then Configure
  3. Add 'Portfolio Item External ID' to selected Columns
  4. Click 'Save and Return'
  5. Double click on the Portfolio Item External ID for the project you want to sync to an initiative
  6. Add the Portfolio Item External ID that coincides with the Rally portfolio item object ID. 
    1. Retrieve the Agile Central Object ID for the Initiative from AC/Rally.
    2. If you are not planning on moving the iteration, you can use the below shortcut and use the ID pulled from the initiative URL
      1. Go to the Initiative in Rally
      2. Copy the Initiative ID from the URL (last ID in the URL)

Note: For earlier releases such as 15.3 - 15.4.1 you may have to:

  1. Add this field to a project subpage (not the Agile Summary subpage).
  2. Then, uncheck the read-only option for the attribute on the project object.

    It's not possible to edit it from the project list view in those releases

If the Portfolio Item External ID field isn't editable:

  1. In Clarity go to Administration->Objects->Project
  2. Click on the Portfolio Item External ID (Initiative external ID in earlier releases) attribute
  3. Uncheck 'Read only'
  4. Click Save
  5. Go to Home->Projects
  6. Click on Options->Configure
  7. From the List Column Section tab drop-down, select Fields
  8. Click on the properties icon for Portfolio Item External ID
  9. Check 'Allow editing'
  10. Save changes

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