UIM - All Monitoring Configuration Services (MCS) Profiles Locked
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UIM - All Monitoring Configuration Services (MCS) Profiles Locked


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After enabling "enable_auto_migration" on the mon_config_service probe, the MCS profiles are all locked. Reverting the change on "enable_auto_migration" didn't resolve the issue.


Release : UIM 20.x / 9.x


- UIM 9.2, 20.3
- mon_config_service 9.20 HF2


- enable_auto_migration key helps you automatically migrate existing profile instances to the latest version of the installed probe templates. 
- The migration status is stored in the status column of SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage table.
- If some of the templates have the status "migrating", all the MCS profiles will remain locked.


1. Run next query on DX Infrastructure Database, to confirm whether there is any template with status "migrating"

    select * from SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage where status = 'migrating'

2. If the above query return data, please follow below steps

   2.1 Take the backup of SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage table

   2.2 Keep the select * from SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage where status = 'migrating'   query result with you to use it in 4 (optional).

   2.3 Run below query :

         update SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage set status='loaded' where status='migrating'

3. Wait for some time and load the UnifiedServiceManager (USM) in UMP and go to monitoring tab and check whether profiles are unlocked.

4. If the profiles are unlocked and if you still want to migrate the templates were stuck on "migrating", please follow below steps:

    4.1 go to Infrastructure Management (IM) and open the raw configuration of mon_config_service probe. Then click on migration tab and then set the enable_auto_migration value to false.

    4.2 set the mon_config_service probe logs to loglevel 5 and logsize as 10240, and  try to migrate again these template by running activate_probe_templates_package MCS callback.

           The parameters for the callback, i.e. probe_name and template_package_version can be obtained from 2.2, columns probe_name and probe_template_pkg_version

    4.3 If migration is still failing , please log a case, and attach the logs collected to that case.

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