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MSP Project crashing/performance issues on one project due to tasks with start/finish dates far out in past or future


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Symptoms observed:

  1. The Microsoft Project (MSP) project becomes non-responsive once I start doing anything in the project (like scrolling) after opening from Clarity PPM. Then it just closes down.
  2. Or, the project may not get fully loaded  at all and stops responding. 
  3. It takes an extremely long time whether it finally gets loaded or just crashes out.



This can happen if there is a large project duration (such as the project running from 2010 to 2020) along with other factors such as a large number of baselines



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  1. Check for any tasks that may be set far out in the past and future, and bring the dates in if they are incorrect.
  2. One way to check quickly for any start/finish dates that are far out in past/future is to:
  • Click on the arrow in the Start and Finish Date column headers in MSP
  • Then scroll through the filter section and check the dates

For other performance tips, see 13911 - In MSP, what are some Best Practices to prevent Performance Issues when integrating with Clarity PPM?

Additional Information

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