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RPT-0020 from "Reports and Jobs" page after Updating Roles


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Reports error with RPT-0020  issues arising out of "AccessDeniedException" after updating roles / permissions in Advanced Reporting


Tampering with permissions of Out of the Box Jaspersoft Roles / permission changes in the Jaspersoft folder structure. Roles that start with "ROLE_" in Jaspersoft should not be changed. If they were changed for some purpose, then this issue can come up.

The "Reports and Jobs" tab works by first scheduling a report to run immediately in Jaspersoft. Output of the report thus scheduled is then copied over into the Clarity filestore, from where it is made available for download. So, the best way to test this issue would be to schedule the report that is failing in "Reports and Jobs", in "Advanced Reporting". While scheduling enable error stack output. Once the schedule gets executed, notice the error stack for "AccessDeniedException".

Note: RPT-0020 is a general error code that is thrown by the "Reports and Jobs" page. Look into the app-ca.log to determine the exact reasons. There are links to other KBs in the bottom for other known issues.


Latest version tested: 15.7.0.

Applicable versions: 15.x.


If the issue is in Production, take care to replicate the issue and fix it first in a non-Production system. To fix this issue, first fix the report to run in Advanced Reporting. To do this:

  1. Identify a system in which the report under consideration works. This will be the source system from which we will export the permissions
  2. Determine if there are other custom contents (such as custom reports, adhoc views etc.), in the Target system that needs to be backed up. If so, take individual exports of these contents and store them in a third party system
  3. Take an export of the "CA PPM" folder or any other folder that houses the report under consideration, from the source system.
    1. An export can be taken by just right clicking on a folder and then clicking on "Export"
  4. Note to mark the "include repository permissions" when taking the export
  5. Now import this into the target system to correct the permissions
  6. Import any additional content that were backed up in Step 2 "without permissions".

Additional Information

Same error code but a different underlying issue is dealt with here: "RPT-0020" due to 500 page report limit in Clarity

Relevant documentation link (version 15.7) is here

Documentation regarding Sync Jaspersoft Roles job is here.