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Overall status gauge on projects turns to "On Track" when all Status Reports have "Final" Report Status


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"Overall Status" gauge turns to "On Track" when there are no "Draft" Status Reports.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log in with an admin account and navigate to the New UI
  2. Display the "Status Report" module on projects using Blueprint
  3. Create a status report using the "Status Report" tab in projects
  4. Display and provide values for the following attributes:
    1. Schedule Status
    2. Scope Status
    3. Cost and Effort Status
  5. Provide these values in such as way as to get an "Overall Status" of either "Needs Help" or "At Risk"
  6. Now change the "Report Status" to "Final". Refresh the page.

Expected Result: The banner of the "Overall Status" gauge uses either the latest "Final" Status Report, or the latest "Draft" report to fetch "Overall Status"

Actual Result: "Overall Status" gauge turns to "On Track" when there are no "Draft" Status Reports.


This behaviour was tracked through DE52100, DE51195. A review of this behaviour has been done by Product Management and determined to be a Software limitation.


Version: 15.6.1


The Overall Status gauge is supported only for the "Status" module in the New UI, and not for the "Status Report" module. Through the "Status" module, the ability to turn all Status Reports to "Final" status does not exist. 

NOTE: Using Classic for Status Reports can also cause this type of issue.  It is recommended to only use the Modern User Experience to manage the Living Status Reports through the 'Status' Module. 


One possible workaround is to configure the page without showing the Overall Status badge on the Tile. 

  1. Go to Studio, Objects - Status Report
  2. Go to the Attribute - Overall Status
  3. Replace the existing formula with a formula that will generate a negative number (ie. Sum(-1))
  4. For the Default color mapping bucket, don't have any color selection
  5. Go to Modern UX and refresh the Tiles page

All Project Tiles now won't have this badge. If you still see a badge, fill in a Status Report, and do a browser refresh.