Projects and Ideas filter views are missing after upgrade from 15.6.1 to 15.7


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Filters are not visible for views in Project and Idea grids after upgrading.

  1. Login to Clarity using version Clarity 15.6.1 
  2. Navigate to the Modern User Experience (UX)
  3. Go to the Project and Ideas Grid Views
  4. Create and Save some Views with Filters.
    1. For example for projects: 'My Approved Projects' and 'My Rejected Projects'
    2. Do same for Ideas: 'Ideas toApprove' and 'My Unapproved Ideas' 
  5. Upgrade Clarity 15.6.1 to 15.7
  6. Navigate back to New UX -> Projects and Ideas

Expected Results: Views and Filters are both present

Actual Results: Views are present but Filters are missing 


This is due to defect DE51322


Release: 15.6.1, 15.7

Component: Clarity Usability


This is fixed in 15.7.1

Important: If you are on Clarity 15.6.1 and planning to upgrade to 15.7 then follow the below instructions

  1. Stop all the clarity services 
  2. Execute the command dbPatch -install
    -file <Path to TEMP_ODF_UI_VIEW_SETTINGS.xml>
    -apply (This will create a Temp table in your clarity schema)
  3. Execute the command dbPatch -install -file <Path to PRE_UPGRADE_SAVED_VIEWS.xml> -apply (This will take the backup of the Project and Idea View and keep it in the Temp table)
  4. Start the upgrade of clarity and ensure it completes successfully 
  5. Execute the command dbPatch -install -file <Path to
    (This will copy the restored Project and Idea View to the main table)

Note: The above steps are only required when you are upgrading from 15.6.1 to 15.7


1573727737156__POSTUPGRADE_SAVED_VIEWS.xml get_app
1573727728565__PRE_UPGRADE_SAVED_VIEWS.xml get_app
1573727718578__TEMP_ODF_UI_VIEW_SETTINGS.xml get_app