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Error: 'Unable to process request...' troubleshooting / known KBs


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This article provides some troubleshooting steps as well as known knowledge articles related to error" Unable to process request - Server or network in Clarity


Step 1: Review the app-ca.logs


Review the app-ca.logs for the time frame the issue occurred

See Access the app-ca.log or other Clarity Logs for steps on how to access the logs


Step 2: Enable Browser Trace / Developer Tools


Enable developer tools in the browser and review the error  / URL it is failing on. See Browser Trace in Chrome for Troubleshooting Clarity Issues


Step 3: Review known issues


Is the issue infrequent?

Does the issue happen when logging in?

Is the issue seen when Filtering?

If a large amount of results are being returned, it's recommended to create a filter to limit the amount of results returned by default. See also the below KBs

Are you seeing the issue while Allocating from Estimates?

If so, see the following known issue:

On Versions earlier then 15.6.1?

Other questions/Issues