Unable to communicate to the PPM server error with client side exception in app-ca.logs


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  • Clarity PPM users are reporting performance issues with Clarity PPM.
  • The system has been performing slower than usual and some users keep getting the error message:
    "Unable to communicate to the PPM server. Please try again and if problem persists contact your system administrator"
    when trying to make or save certain application updates like the below after being logged in for only a few minutes.:
    • creating transactions
    • updating cost plans
    • and navigating the project list

Here is the error shown in the app-ca.log that is thrown when the user experiences the problem or communication disconnect in the browser:
ERROR 2019-10-29 10:47:57,791 [http-nio-80-exec-16] clarity.ui (clarity:session:odf.getObjectList) UI_MSG[:Tue Oct 29 10:47:28 EDT 2019:OnError called--Client Side Exception 
java.lang.Exception: VXMLRequest failed.  HTTP status code was: 0
at Unknown.Exception_0 (null:-1)
at Unknown.onResponseReceived (null:-1)
at Unknown.$fireOnResponseReceived (null:-1)
at Unknown.onReadyStateChange (null:-1)
at Unknown.anonymous (null:-1)
at Unknown.apply (null:-1)
at Unknown.entry0 (null:-1)
at Unknown.anonymous (null:-1)


When a user gets the "Unable to communicate to the PPM server" popup and the error in the application log show HTTP status code was: 0:
  • This error indicates there was a client/server disconnect but it's not clear what is blocking the communication.
  • There is no reason or cause by associated with the error in the Clarity application logs.


Release: All Supported Release


  • Steps below on how to troubleshoot this error/issue.
  • Please engage your Service Desk team to perform an investigation.
  1. Does it happen in all browsers? (some browsers are more lenient regarding the client/server connection)
  2. Are users on the same/different wifi/wired network/VPN/Working from Home?
  3. Is antivirus installed on the client machine or Clarity servers (On-Premise customers only)
    • check for connections blocked at security tool (for On-Premise customers your internal security team will need to release any blocks on the Clarity servers)
  4. Generate a browser trace/fiddler trace when the browser popup/error happens for user in real time to get more information on the blocked connection.
    1. Instructions:
      1. How to Generate a Browser Trace for Troubleshooting CA PPM Issues.
      2. Fiddler: https://www.telerik.com/fiddler
      3. Try another browser like Firefox or Chrome trace may provide more detailed information on the disconnect to troubleshoot the issue.
  5. If the steps above do not reveal any client/server disconnect/environmental issues on your end, open a Clarity PPM support case and include:
  • Clear steps to reproduce the popup in your environment.
  • Note if the disconnect is intermittent in your environment; Intermittent issues tend to require deeper investigation in finding root cause.
  • Attach to the case the fiddler/browser trace when the popup happens in the user browser, the Clarity PPM version, and any other details about the issue.

Additional Information

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