Web Viewer 14.0 (Content Viewer) Initial Install with CA View


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CA View CA Output Management Web Viewer


CA View 14.0 streamlines the installation of CA View, CA Deliver, Web Viewer 14.0 (formerly known as Content Viewer), and CA DRAS by including these products in a single pax file. You can install each product or any combination of them, with fewer steps and in less time than in previous releases.  You may also use CSM.  


Release: Web Viewer Content Viewer
Component: WBVMTC, DVWEB


Web Viewer 14.0 will eventually replace Document Viewer 2.1, Web Viewer 11.5 and Web Viewer 12.1
 The CA View 14.0 installation includes FMID CCAFE00 for installing Web Viewer 14.0. This FMID establishes the required SMP and USS environments. Additional APAR's must be applied as they supply additional functionality:

Go to Web Viewer 14.0 Maintenance and filter search by Web Viewer

Note: This FMID is a prerequisite for Web Viewer 14.0. Whether or not you plan to install Web Viewer 14.0, install this FMID when you install the CA View 14.0 PAX file. Otherwise, you must re-install the PAX file and must include this FMID before you can apply the Web Viewer 14.0 APARs.

NOTE: As Web Viewer 14.0 is running with Tomcat on z/OS it’s using Java supplied by IBM as part of z/OS. 
Additional NOTE: CA DRAS is included for compatibility with CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1 and is not used with Content Viewer.

Additional Information

Web Viewer 14.0 runs only on the mainframe.  It is an continuous release and has many features not in previous releases, but it may not yet have all the same functionality as Web Viewer 12.1.  See Transition to Continuous Delivery.

This continuous release is fully supported by Broadcom Technical Support.

Verify that Web Viewer 14.0r has the functionality that you need and if not, stay with or install Web Viewer 12.1. Web Viewer 12.1 is compatible with View and DRAS 14.0.  Both Web Viewer 14.0 and Web Viewer 12.1 may be run simultaneously.

You may also review the online documentation for New Features to see what features are available.