Communication Error When Double-Clicking a Probe
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Communication Error When Double-Clicking a Probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When I double-click a probe, I receive the following communication error:

Unable to reach controller, node: </Domain/Hub/Robot/Probe> error message: communication error


Release: UIM 8.x, 9.x


Use the telnet utility on the host where IM is running to test the connectivity to the controller port on robot. For example, telnet 48000

If the telnet succeeds, verify the messages section in IM for a timeout related to getting the probe configuration. If a timeout message exists, increase the Probe Request, Timeout Value in IM from the Options menu. Set the value to a slightly higher value, and retest the failing operation. Repeat, if necessary.

If the telnet fails, verify whether a firewall exists between the robot and the computer where IM is running and/or a firewall on the robot host.

If any NAT is involved; that is, the registered robot IP is not reachable directly but only through an NAT interface, add the following parameters to your robot.cfg file for the robot where you are unable to reach the probes:

robotip_alias = <NAT IP through which robot can be reached>
robotip = <Robot local IP address>

An example is as follows:

robotip = <= Local IP of the robot host
robotip_alias = <= NAT IP of robot host