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Cabi_external probe error returns no-restart code (42)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


CABI is configured with https. I am getting the following in the probe log:


15:35:48:936 [4120] Controller: Probe 'cabi_external' (command = <startup java>) returns no-restart code (42)

Sep 09 15:37:05:852 [main, cabi_external] EncryptorService was already initialized.

Sep 09 15:37:07:259 [main, cabi_external] ****************[ Starting ]****************

Sep 09 15:37:07:259 [main, cabi_external] 3.3.2

Sep 09 15:37:07:259 [main, cabi_external] CA

Sep 09 15:37:07:259 [main, cabi_external] port=48011

Sep 09 15:37:07:321 [main, cabi_external] Login to NimBUS is OK

Sep 09 15:37:07:337 [main, cabi_external] cabi_mode is 'external'

Sep 09 15:37:07:337 [main, cabi_external] Running installation sequence since this is either a fresh install or an upgrade

Sep 09 15:37:07:509 [main, cabi_external] Not able to connect to url=, timeAlreadyWaitedInSecs=0

Sep 09 15:37:09:509 [main, cabi_external] (42) , could not make connection to the configured external 'cabi_url': ''. Please check the url and then Activate cabi.






at com.nimsoft.nimbus.NimProbe.doForever(





Release : UIM any release

Component : UIM - CABI


Installation was not completing because CABI was set to https when the cabi_external probe was installed/upgraded/changed:


-change the CABI server to http > stop and restart the CABI server

-raw configure the cabi_external probe and update the CABI url to the http path including port

-copy the certificate.pem file from the primary hub to a location on the cabi_external probe machine

-update the robot.cfg on the same machine with the following entry


cryptkey=path to certificate.pem (not in quotes)


-restart the robot

-watch the cabi log until you get: 


Sep 13 13:49:02:244 [UserSynchronizationThread, cabi_external] Finished synchronizing users between UIM and CABI


-change CABI back to https > stop and restart the CABI server

-raw configure the cabi_external probe and update the CABI url to the https path including port

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