Fault Tolerant Data Aggregator and Consul Proxy servers fail to communicate


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Data Aggregator is never successful in synchronization with the Performance Center server.

When running the './consul members' command, only the server itself is presented with no leader shown.

When running the './consul operators raft peer-list' command the following error is returned:

Error getting peers: Failed to retrieve raft configuration: Unexpected response code: 500 (No cluster leader)


The two Data Aggregator servers, and the Consul Proxy server, all host more than one NIC card with active IP addresses. Only one NIC card and it's IP address, the routable managed address, should be used.

During install the IP used is the first in the list of available IPs the server returns to the installation and is not selectable.

When the wrong IP was chosen the servers failed to successfully communicate.


All supported Performance Management Fault Tolerant Data Aggregator releases


Update the consul.service, daproxy.service and consul.cfg files on all servers to show the correct IP address for the bind value.

After the changes, run 'systemctl daemon-reload' on each server, or restart the consul and daproxy services on each server individually.

If that resolves the problem the command './consul members' will return all three hosts, showing the consul proxy server as the leader.

The Data Aggregator Data Source configured in Performance Management, pointed to the Consul Proxy server, will now also successfully allow a Test to pass, and should synchronize successfully with Performance Management.