Agile Sync job failure: API-1007 : You are not authorized to retrieve resource(s)
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Agile Sync job failure: API-1007 : You are not authorized to retrieve resource(s)


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The Synchronize Agile Central (Rally) job is failing referencing the following error on one or more projects in the job logs. 


There was a problem syncing tasks for the CA PPM project <Project Name> 



API-1007 : You are not authorized to retrieve resource(s). Contact your system administrator for necessary security rights. 


To check the error related to the job failure:

  1. In Clarity, go to Home->Reports and Jobs->Jobs tab
  2. From the Jobs tab drop down, select Log
  3. Click on the Failed job



Release : All Supported Releases



This is due to the Agile Integration Owner missing rights to access the project(s)


Ensure the Agile Integration Owner has Project Management - View - All access.

The Agile Integration Owner is the user listed in Clarity in Administration->Project Management-Settings. Grant that user the access by using the below steps:

  1. In Clarity PPM, go to Administration->Resources, click on the resource that is listed as the Agile Integration Owner
  2. From the "Resource's Access Rights" drop down, select Global
  3. Click Add
  4. Search for the following access "Project - View Management - All" and click the check box next to that access
  5. Click Add again

(You can also grant the user Project - Edit Management - All access, which will include the needed right)

Make sure the user also has the global access right API - Access, or a different job error will occur referencing a API-1029 (See Article ID: 72180 - API-1029 error after CA PPM - Agile Central integration) for more details.

Additional Information

Reference Article ID 126420 - Known causes of API Errors in the Clarity PPM New UX