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Task Finish dates in Modern UX don't update in Classic for multiple assignees


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When a task finish date is updated in the New/Modern User Experience (UX), it doesn't always update the assignment finish date along with it. Example, changing the finish date to 10/18/19 of a task will update one assignment's finish date to 10/18/19, but the other user's assignment date does not update.


This can be due to the assignment(s) having an actual thru date with no ETC. This part is working as designed, as when an assignment has no work (ETC hours) remaining, Clarity PPM assumes that the assignment was finished on the date that the last actuals were posted. This date will be the assignment's finish date, unless they are provided more work (ETC hours) to complete.


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Add ETC to the assignment's impacted (that have an actual thru date) and then manually change the assignments. 

In Clarity 15.6 and lower:

  • This can be done by going to the Tasks section in Classic Clarity.

Starting in 15.6.1:

  • A new Assignments section is available in the New UX for projects where this update can be made. See New Task Assignments for Projects for more details on this change.

If you have any processes/workflows that sent notifications to users who's task's are overdue, the workflow could be updated to prevent email notifications from being sent on task assignments with 0 ETCs.