Identity Manager - How to Cleanup Archive Database
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Identity Manager - How to Cleanup Archive Database


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When you are Cleaning up the Task Persistence Database using the Archive feature, after some time the Archive Database will need maintenance.
For this we have provided a readme file with instructions how to use a Stored Procedure to perform the cleanup of Archive tables.


Identity Manager 14.x
Virtual Appliance and On-Premise versions


Readme file is included in the Admin Tools package:

vApp - 14.x till 14.3, the location is under folder:

For the 14.4 / 14.5 on-premise version, the location is that of the Admin Tools:
X:\...\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\db\taskpersistence


For Virtual Appliance 14.4, the Admin Tools was moved to "Symantec IGA Virtual Appliance Remote Tools r14.X" package

1. To download it, access the site 

2. Click "Cyber Security Software"

3. Search and click "IDENTITY MGMT AND GOVRNCE"

4. On the next page, search for "Identity Suite MULTI-PLATFORM", check the Release is 14.4 or 14.5

5. Search for the "Symantec IGA Virtual Appliance Remote Tools" package and download it

After downloading it, uncompress it and you will find the file ""

After uncompressing it, you will find the readme.txt file under "CA-IM_Tools/taskpersistence" folder for 14.4 or "CA-IM_Tools/db/taskpersistence"