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How to Recover From General VAIM Problems


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CA Server Automation CA Virtual Assurance for IM


Sometimes users may encounter problems within VAIM including but not limited to:

  • Problems starting services
  • Errors within the UI
  • Performance issues within the UI

The procedure outlined below will recover VAIM from a wide variety of problems that may occur with VAIM.

Please note that if the procedure doesn't resolve the problem, or if this procedure must be run very frequently it's highly recommended that a case be opened with CA Support for further assistance.


Release: SEAUBC99000-12.5-Server Automation-Base Configuration


  1. Stop services in the following order:
    1. CAAIPTomcat
    2. CAAIPApache
    3. CA SM Domain Server
    4. CA SM Distribution Server
    5. ActiveMQ
  2. Delete the following directories and all contents:
    1. X:\CA\VirtualAssurance\activemq\data
    2. X:\CA\VirtualAssurance\tomcat\webapps\UI
    3. X:\CA\VirtualAssurance\tomcat\work\Catalina\localhost\UI
  3. Ensure that there are no old backups of the above noted directories (X:\CA\VirtualAssurance\tomcat\webapps\UI_old for example). Should any exist, delete them and all contents as well. If there are backups in the X:\CA\VirtualAssurance\tomcat\webapps directory, there will be backups in the X:\CA\VirtualAssurance\tomcat\work\Catalina\localhost directory that will also need to be deleted.
  4. Restart services in the following order:
    1. ActiveMQ
    2. CAAIPApache
    3. CAAIPTomcat
    4. CA SM Domain Server
    5. CA SM Distribution Server
  5. Clear all cache/history in any web browsers used to access VAIM.

NOTE:   As part of this process you can delete any VAIM related log files or substantial size to reclaim disk space before restarting the VAIM Services. 






Additional Information

NOTE: Once VAIM services are restarted, it will take some extra time to fully reinitialize all services since Tomcat needs to redeploy and rebuild the VAIM UI. This generally only takes a few more minutes than your average initialization.