Cleaning Archive and Task Persistence data in a Cross-Database scenario
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Cleaning Archive and Task Persistence data in a Cross-Database scenario


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CA Identity Manager uses data sources to connect to databases that store information required to support CA Identity Manager functionality. These databases can reside in a single physical instance of a database, or in separate instances. By default, CA Identity Manager configures a connection to a single database, called the CA Identity Manager Database, which contains the tables for each database type.

Prior to the enhancements in 14.1 CP9 (14.2 CP3\ 14.3 GA) when the Task Persistence and Archive Databases were not on the same Database host server and an Administrator used the "Cleanup Submitted Task" functionality from the Identity Manager (IM) User Console (UI), with "Archive" and "Use Stored Procedure" options both checked a popup is displayed noting that the Stored Procedure cannot be used with different DB's. 

However CA has recommended customers to separate the databases for performance purposes, without any documented warning them that efficient garbage collection ( via Stored Procedure) will not be an available option in a split deployment. 


CA Identity Manager 14.x
CA Identity Suite 14.x


To correct this oversight new cleanup scripts have been released for Cross-Database deployments.

Instructions to deploy the scripts are now available from the CA Identity Manager Product documentation for both MS SQL and Oracle Deployments (see link below)

Cleanup Submitted Task in a Cross Database Scenario

Additional Information

Information on cleaning up "Submitted Tasks" via Database stored procedures in a single Database deployment can be found in the following Knowledge Base article.

Cleanup Submitted Tasks Not Working; Database stored procedure for cleaning up task persistence is available.