Process with XOG fails with value too large error
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Process with XOG fails with value too large error


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Processes are failing for certain projects for a step that XOGs one field in for projects (not the status comment field) saying the value for the Status comment field is too large. This happens even though the Status Comment field is not in the XOG file. (The attribute limit for the Status Comment field is 762 (out of the box set value that can't be changed))

XOG ERROR:  <Exception> 

-<![CDATA['Status Comment' is too large. Maximum size is 762.]]>

NOTE:  The only way to replicate this error is to update the "status comment" field via the database.


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity XOG


This is not a bug because the UI has never allowed users to create status comment fields with more than 762 characters (verified in V7.x and later). There was a point in version 8.x where there were fewer characters allowed, but it was fixed in an 8.x fix pack. There was a bug in 13.3 that allowed you to xog in status comment fields with larger numbers of characters. So, the only way this could have happened (assuming the database was never updated directly) would have been to xog this field in before this bug was fixed.  


Shorten the Status Comment fields via the UI or XOG to 762 characters or less in order to avoid this error. You can query the database to find the values that are out of bounds and manually correct them in UI.