Clarity Process Engine down / error in BG logs


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • The Process Engine is not running/hung, therefore processes are not kicking off / getting initiated
  • No processes triggering
  • The following error appears in the BG log:
    ProcessEngineThreadMonitor: Thread, Process Monitor (tenant=clarity) is not Alive. The Service running the ProcessEngine will need to be restarted. 


  • As per the BG system logs, the JVM is not started.


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity Processes


  • Go to the Administration > Data Administration > Process Engines page to confirm that it is not in the 'Running' (yellow) state.
  • If it is in 'Cannot Determine Status' or Red (Stopped), restart BG services.
    • Saas/On Demand customers, please contact Broadcom for assistance
      • See KB: 193378 - How to request a App/Bg restart for Saas/On Demand for more details
      • Note: If you are seeing an additional issue such as Time slices not updated, certain jobs stuck in processing or not running, additional steps may be required as noted in 49034 - Clarity Scheduled Jobs Do Not Get Processed by the Job Scheduler (BG Service Issue)
  • For questions in the impact of the restart of the BG see KB: 193393 

Additional Information

  • See 124452 - When Should BG services be restarted?
  • See 193393 - What is the impact of a BG or App restart?
  • See KB: 141061 for tips on how to optimize use of Self Service for Clarity