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How to change the password of the APM Database User on Postgres after installation.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


    APM requires an external database (either Postgres or Oracle) for holding Team Center and CEM data structures. This article explains how to change passwords associated with the APM Database in Postgres after installation.

    What command should I use to update the password of my APM database user?


All APM releases with Postgres installed.


    Passwords for the APM database on Postgres can be altered either via the command line or PGAdmin by doing the following:


On Windows:

 click Start -> Program -> Windows -> PostgresSQL<version> -> PSQL and type Postgres then enter the password of the PostgresSQL Administrator .


On Linux enter:

 psql -U username -d databasename


Then enter the password of the PostgresSQL Administrator. To change the password of any APM Database User, type:


 ALTER ROLE <user> WITH PASSWORD 'newpassword';

 And press enter.



Additional Information


For more information regarding the ALTER ROLE command, refer to the Postgresql documentation.

In addition, you can use the ALTER USER command, which is an alias for ALTER ROLE:


Note, if you change the password for the APM Database User, not to be confused with Postgresql Administrative User, this information will also need to be updated on each of the Enterprise Managers. Otherwise they will no longer run. To do this, open <EM Home>\config\ tess-db-cfg.xml and update the hibernate.connection.password with the new password, in plain text. Also set plainTextPasswords to true, so that the EM password is encrypted on EM restart, and then restart the EM.

From tess-db-config.xml:

<property name="hibernate.connection.password">MyNewPassword</property>
<property name="plainTextPasswords">true</property>

  As always, contact CA Support if you have further questions.