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Resource Planning portlets performance troubleshooting


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Here are some scenarios where slow performance issues is reported in the Clarity Resource Management portlets: 

  • Open Resource Planning-Capacity page
  • Open Top Down Planning page
  • Open Allocations page
  • New User Experience (UX) Staffing Page
  • Weekly Detail or Scenario portlets


Release: All
Component: Clarity Resource Management


Configure portlets for optimized performance

See the following KB Portlet or list view performance slowness optimization. The amount of data returned in the portlets, aggregation rows, amount of columns on the portlet are some factors that can increase slowness and this article provides some best practices on how to alleviate the performance.

If you are seeing slowness specifically in entering data in Time-Scale Value (TSV) fields, see also Weekly Detail Portlet Slow updating data in TSV

Review Access Rights

Access right adjustments can help improve performance (particularly if access is granted at the OBS or instance level).

Postgres Specific

For On Premise customers, see the following KB for a DB setting that can help: Slow performance in Resource Planning > Allocations in Postgres

DBA Review (On Premise)

Have the DBA check to see if there are any slow running queries, if so, using SQL Tuning Advisor can provide recommendations to optimize performance (including rebuilding the execution plan any slow running queries can help resolve the performance issue).

Generating a Clarity Action trace while reproducing the issue can help in determining if there are any slow running queries causing the issue (see steps to enable action trace at: Using Clarity Action Trace)

Known Defects

If on earlier versions of Clarity, see the following KBs for some known defects:

Additional Information

See also: Slow Performance in Clarity - best practices / known issues