How to configure 3 different thresholds for Disk Usage in cdm


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Customer had a requirement to be able to configure 3 different thresholds for monitoring Disk Usage, but no matter what they tried, they would only receive a single alarm.


- UIM 8.5.1 or higher
- cdm 6.30 or higher


Create 3 separate Custom Disk profiles under the Custom Tab in cdm.

With custom alarms, the suppression key contains the name of the custom alarm profile, so you will have to
create 3 separate cdm custom profiles under the Custom Tab (in this case, for Disk)

Custom Disk profile names for example...

1. MyCustomDiskMinor

2. MyCustomDiskMajor

3. MyCustomDiskCritical

Each profile should have 1 threshold setting for either High OR Low threshold and configure thresholds as per your requirement

Create 3 custom alarm messages that can be applied to the profiles, to control the alarm severity and ensure
message UNIQUE-ness. For example,

1. MyCustomDiskMinor <and then you can insert the rest of your alarm message text> or use the $ to use variables, e.g., $free etc.>, but each message MUST be unique.
2. MyCustomDiskMajor
3. MyCustomDiskCritical

Set the thresholds as required, e.g., 3%, 2% and 1 % for instance.

-- When configuring the cdm Disk custom profile, dont forget to use the drop down to set the Mount Point, e.g., C:\.
   and then the Device field should automatically display the given disk volume.

-- Under Disk Free space make sure you associate/apply the newly created custom messages to the TO the High/Low threshold.

-- When done, cold start the cdm probe and make sure the free space breaches the thresholds so alarms will be generated.

-- Set the Disk interval lower so you don't have to wait a long time for the alarms to occur

-- You can deselect the C:\ filesystem in cdm under DiskUsage -> Filesystem in the main cdm window


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