MUX Timesheets Total Available Hours not matching the Resource's Availability
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MUX Timesheets Total Available Hours not matching the Resource's Availability


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In Modern User Experience (MUX), Available Hours is not reflecting availability correctly based on what is set in Home->Resources.

  1. On the MUX Timesheets there is a section which shows Hours like 33 (entered hours)/40 (available hours).
  2. The resource availability is set as 7 in Clarity Home->Resources, but still the above section displays Totals for the timesheet as 33/40 instead of 33/35

Can the hours be changed to the correct availability?


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  • This is because the available hours is pulled from the resource's calendar hours versus availability.
  • Best practice is to update the resource calendar hours versus availability as that will correctly update the availability. 


Set the calendar shifts for the resource to equal the amount of availability hours that the user should work per day.

  • If the resource's availability was previously manually changed on the Resource's properties tab this will be out of sync with the calendar.
  • So, you would then also need to manually update the hours for the resource. 

To change the hours:
  • This can be done for one resource on the Resource's calendar tab. 
  • To make the fix for all users, the calendars can be updated in Administration->Project Management->Base Calendars. 
  1. In base calendars, click on the calendar to be updated then the Calendar tab 
  2. Select the check box for all work day headers (Mon - Fri) 
  3. Click Set Shifts 
  4. Update the hours worked to equal the preferred availability per day 
  5. Save the changes 
  • If the availability has already been changed for those resources, this can be manually updated on the Resource's properties tab.
  • To do an automated update to update a large number of user's a XOG could be used
    • Note that the time slicing job may take longer to process the first time after the updates
    • It's recommended to do this after hours as it could impact performance while the job is processing the large amount of updates.