Advanced Reporting slow performance navigating / running reports


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Slow / sluggish navigating in Clarity Advanced Reporting and generating report parameters

Examples of slow performance in advanced reporting/Jaspersoft:

  • Open the Advanced Reporting home
  • Open the Repository page
  • Open the Project Storyboard Report
  • Open the Project Status Report Report


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity Japsersoft


Some things that can help optimize performance when using Advanced Reporting

Step 1: Delete temp files on the local machine:

Running the command %temp% will take you to the temp folder, where temp files can be deleted (See KB: Caching issues in Advanced Reporting)

Step 2: Clear the browser cache

See KB: Clearing Cache / Restarting Services for Error 500 and other Issues

Step 3: Check for Network Related Issues

This could be a network-related issue as well. Connect to a good mobile network or connect your laptop/desktop to a different network and validate results

Step 4: Use Reports and Jobs

Some slowness when using Advanced Reporting is expected. One option would be to use Reports and Jobs in Clarity to run/schedule reports as performance is generally faster there.

See the following documentation Run, Schedule, and Share Reports for more details on running reports from Clarity 

Step 5: Flush Clarity Cache

Please open a support case before implementing this step

See KB Flush Clarity Server Cache

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