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Logging in to Clarity performance lag when queries are slow


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You have just upgraded your test instance to 15.5 and there are several areas where the performance in PPM Classic is very poor. The main concern is when you attempt to log in. It takes anywhere between 5-7 minutes.


This can be due to slow queries (such as the below queries based on review of SQL Trace):

Slow Query 1:

select CMN_SEC_CHK_CLS_INST_RIGHT_FCT('5056021','PRJ','PRJ_RESOURCE','RECORD','prApproveActuals',-1) num 
from dual

Slow Query 2:

select CMN_SEC_CHK_CLS_INST_RIGHT_FCT('5056021','PRJ','PRJ_RESOURCE','RECORD','TimeSheetAccess',-1) num 
from dual 

There are various factors that could contribute to the issue such as a hardware change (database gets migrated from one server to another). Additionally, in some instances, as data grows, SQL plans might need to be re-tuned.


Work with your DBA to tune the impacted query (queries) using sql tuning adviser. Enabling an action trace can help identify the impacted queries (See Using Clarity Action Trace)

Additional Information

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