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Actual Costs missing from DWH intermittently when jobs are scheduled incorrectly


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The Total Actual Costs for several projects and tasks are sporadically missing from the Data Warehouse (DWH) database.


This can be attributed to the way in which the jobs are scheduled as the incremental Load DWH job uses the investment last updated date attribute to compare and calculate what needs to be updated in the DWH database.

The incremental run differs from a full Load DWH run, which truncates and rebuilds the tables. Any querying of the DWH during a full run will not have data present.


Run the below jobs (which influence the project attributes) and make sure they complete before the Load DWH job is run.

  • Investment Allocation
  • Purge Temporary Aggregated Data
  • Update Aggregated Data

Contact Broadcom support if you need the scheduled Clarity jobs reviewed.

Additional Information

Be sure the time zones are synchronized on the application server and database server as this can lead to data not being processed.

Reference also the Administration section of the documentation.