SC: Where to find information about CA Service Catalog Web Services and the associated WSDL URLs.


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CA Service Catalog


Where to find further information about CA Service Catalog WebServices?


Service Catalog 14.1
Service Catalog 17.0
Service Catalog 17.1
Service Catalog 17.2


Here is a list of Catalog WebServices:

http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services/AdministratorService?wsdl
http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services/CatalogService?wsdl
http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services/UserService?wsdl
http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services/AccountService?wsdl
http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services/BillingAccountService?wsdl
http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services/CMDBService?wsdl
http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services/AdminService?wsdl
http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services/RequestService?wsdl
http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services/FormDesignerService?wsdl
http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services/BusinessUnitService?wsdl
http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services/Version?wsdl
http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services/ReportingService?wsdl

To see a list of the webservices and methods you can access to your server to the following link:

http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/services

You can log into Service Catalog > Administration > Tools > Links > Web Services API > you will find the description about webservices and methods.

An example about how to invoke remote methods of CA Service Catalog Web Service using Java can be found in the following link in your Service Catalog server:

http://<Catalog Hostname>:<port>/usm/API/SOAP/JavaSampleOne.htm

Additional Information

Web Services Documentation for Catalog 14.1: