How Is "Swap Usage" activity calculated by the cdm probe in Solaris


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How to verify the swap usage calculation by cdm probe on the Solaris platform

How Is "swap usage" activity calculated by the cdm probe in Solaris 


UIM 8.x, cdm 5.x


Swap usage is found using the system call swapctl() by cdm probe on Solaris

CDM gathers swap information in a similar way as the Solaris utility "swap -l" does, but using pages instead of blocks. 

To compare the swap information between CDM and the "swap" utility you take the blocks "swap" reports and run it through the formula: 


(blocks * 512) / (1024 * 1024) = total_swap MB. 

This is the same number of MB the CDM probe uses in its calculations. 


Additional Information

See attachment "Solaris_swap_calculation.docx"

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